Oamaru Hospital



Staff Forum:

The Waitaki District Health Staff Forum was established as a means by which all hospital staff members have the opportunity for direct contact with Board and Management, generally on a quarterly basis, and discuss any policy and practical issues that arise in relation to service delivery, community health needs and and community relations between staff, the hospital and the Waitaki District Community.  All staff are welcome to attend this forum.
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Community Health Forum:

The Waitaki District Health Forum was also established as a means by which all community health and disability organisations who want direct contact with the hospital can regularly meet with the Board and Hospital Management and work through issues that arise in respect to community health needs and service delivery.  The Health Forum is also held generally on a quarterly basis.
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GP Forum:

Meetings with General Practitioners in Waitaki occur including Board and Hospital Senior Management Team as and when necessary.  Recently discussions on the Integrated Health Service Model were held and this resulted in the pursuit of greater integration and IT connectivity.
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